10-May-09 Go Green Sunday Ride

This time's Go-Green's Campaign Ride, we did manged to have Free bike checkups & Tune-up from Track & Trial  + refreshments 
and  News coverage from local popular channel  TV-9 
Everyone of them were their on time and Since TV-9 person wanted to shoot some clipings and wanted to have some interview, we got delayed by 15 minutes hence started by 7:10am. We were 22 particpants and there names were as below.

1) Prabhakar Rao 2) Pranalini Rao 3) Nalina P Rao 4) Vijay Kumar 5) Sidharth 6) Vinod (New)

7) Rajaram 8) Sunil 9) Prasad Raju 10) Satish MC 11) Amit Goyal (New) 12) Zaffer  13) Faiz

14) Ashwin 15) Mahesha 16) Suhas 17) Chiddu 18) Swhatank 19) Madhu 20) Sidharth Patel

21) Hari 22)Anup


following was the route followed.
Jaynagar 4th Block - Jnagar 3rd block -Sount end Circle - Bangalore Hospital - Lalbagh West gate - Minerva Circle - Hudson Circle - Cubbon Park - City Libarary - Vidhan Sabha - Bangalore Press Club. 
Vidhan Sabha - GPO- Museam Rd. Malya Hospital, hotel Ramanashree - Residencey Rd flyover - doubel road -Lalbagh Main gate - Lalbagh rear Gate - Ashoka Pillar - Swiming Pool road - Jaynagar 4th block  - KFC - Jaynagar 5th Blk Cofee day/ Apple Mac show room. 

Go-Green Ride covered by TV-9 (Local popular channel)

Few Snap shots of 10th May 2009 Go Green Ride. 

10-May-09 Go Green Campaign Ride towrds Cubbon Park