[] Benefits and few good reasons why you need to choose cycling.....

For Your Community
Being out on your bicycle is good for the people around you as well. You are able to go the places you want to go and yet put one less car on the road.
You don’t bring with you the noise that a car generates and are actually able to interaction with people as you move and be a warm and friendly human presence on the streets.
Operating a bicycling does not harm the environment. There is no polluting exhaust released, no oil or gas consumed hence saving natural resources . And the energy and materials used to manufacture one automobile could be used to create hundreds of bicycles.

For Your State of Mind
Riding a bicycle is a proven stress releaser. Regardless of if you are riding purely for pleasure or for a specific purpose, you will arrive at your destination feeling relaxed, energized and happier about the world and yourself.
Plus, being out on your bicycle is just flat-out fun. The more time you spend on two wheels, the harder it is to take yourself too seriously.

For Your Body
Riding a bicycle offers many health benefits. Here are just a few:
· increased cardiovascular fitness
· increased strength
· increased balance and flexibility
· increased endurance and stamina
· increased calories burned
It can be done by people of all ages, from childhood up even through the adult years when achy joints don't allow for more stressful exercise like jogging.

For Your Pocket
It costs between Rs. 7.00 per KM to operate a car, depending on the vehicle. This is based on expenses like petrol, oil, maintenance, etc., that go up when you drive more. This figure doesn’t include the hidden costs of vehicle ownership like depreciation, taxes, and insurance. These factors make the actual per km cost to operate a car much higher.
When you start multiplying cost per km to operate a car by the distance you ride, you can easily calculate how much money you save by riding a bicycle.
For example: my daily round trip commute (House-Office-House) is 19 km. If I do this just twice a week, I will save over Rs.266, Rs.1330 a month like wise Rs.15960 a year. Just think, if we all start using bicycle what would be the overall saving..
And if you would otherwise have to pay for parking, tolls, and the like, don’t forget to factor that in too. It can add up quickly.

Ride For You
When you ride your bicycle, you are doing a lot of good things, many of which are for the benefit of others. But ultimately, the one who benefits the most is you, through better health, peace of mind, increased confidence and self-reliance, heck, even through a fatter bank account on top of all for a better tomorrow.