[] About-Founder (GoGreen Rao)

Mr. Prabhakar Rao C.M, Aged 48, & more popularly known as GoGreen Rao in Indian Cycling forum. An IT Professional having 25 years of IT Experience, Last worked as a CIO with one of the leading Garments exporter company in Bangalore, taking care of their IT infrastructure. In the end of 2013, he quit his full time job and opted to follow his passion of saving environment. He is the 
Founder member of GreenGoCycling.org which started in the year 2008. The group consists of professionals from various background, who are putting their efforts in promoting Cycling in B'lore & other parts of the country. Their main aim is to create awareness on Cycling, its health benefits & opt for a traffic free & pollution free city eventually working towards saving Mother Nature by stopping “Global Warming”

Born & Bought up In a place called Gangavathi also known as “Rice Bowl of Karnataka” (390Km from Bangalore ) surrendered by paddy field greenery. His Inspiration for starting this “Go Green Go
Cycling” Campaign came up after his Boss Mr. Raju Mahtaney gave him a  DVD with a title “An inconvenient truth” (http://www.climatecrisis.net/trailer/ a Documentary movie all about Global warming, directed by Davis Guggenheim, presented & narrated by former United States Vice President Al Gore. After watching this movie, He started thinking about contributing his part time & his family time to the Mother Nature. He choose Cycling to be one of the best mode of payback to Mother Nature as it not only helps to save fossil fuel and is environmental friendly but also gives out various personal benefits like keeps us fit & Health, Saves money & on top of all it helps in preserving Mother Nature In September 2008, he decided to put his Car off the road which was contributing to the pollution and traffic Jams, then he started Cycling to Office. In the beginning, he ensured to cycle twice a week to his office and do his bit to the Mother Nature but within few weeks he realized, cycling alone to office would not suffice the need of hour hence shared his Concept of Going Green by Cycling with his fellow colleagues, few of them joined but very soon they stopped. This is when he shared his thoughts and his concept of Cycling to office on the internet through a blog post where he quoted “Go Green, for a better tomorrow, Go Cycling”. 

The kind of positive response from unknown People was amazing. They not only liked the concept they also were ready to cycle and be part of the initiative. This was the beginning of the GoGreen family. Though he started alone, after few years they had 4000+ like minded professional from various backgrounds who have registered as members of GoGreen & number is growing day after day. 

He along with his group has successfully organized around 600+ Sunday GoGreen Campaign rides riding a distance ranging from of 25 to 200+ kms. On every Sunday, The GoGreen Campaign Ride starts from South B’lore JP Nagar by 6-30am and ride towards Cubbon Park Central library which is central meeting place where other members from various parts of the city meet and pick a predefined destination and ride. They cycle along the city roads to spread the awareness of Going Green through Cycles, at the same time they also train the newly joined members to bring in the confidence of cycling with the traffic, eventually converting them and making them Independent from Fossil Fuels. “Say No to Co2 (Carbon di oxide ) by saying yes to C2O (Cycle to Office)” & “I Ride With Pride” are Mr. GoGreen Rao’s quotes & like wise “ Don’t wait for the Change, Be the change” is the mission statment. 

while being asked about his Mission & Vision, He says “ Create dedicated lanes for motor vehicles and leave the rest of road for Cycles” He has received several recognition from various organization appreciating his efforts & promoting cycling and initiating GoGreen in the city, prestigious “Bangalore Youth Award” & the recently he received “Bicycle Bull of India 2018 Award”

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