[] Basic-Guidelines for New Bikers

Important Note : 
Being Safe on the road is the first concern of our GoGreen Group hence pls don't compromise on buyin these list of accessories

Compulsory basic Accessories which a cyclist should buy while purchasing their new bicycles.
1) Helmet (Decathlon - Rs 699 This is a basic Helmet that would be required within City limit rides however if u r looking to venture into 
long rides, Uphills & Downhills then would suggest to lookout for a higher quality/model Helmet starting ranges from Rs.1650 to Rs 4000. Never ever compromise on this.) 

2) Hand Gloves ( Good padded Leather hand gloves cost around Rs. 160 +) 
3) Spiral Lock (Decathlon Rs- 299)
4) Rear view Mirror (Decathlon Handle bar fixing Rs.299) 
5) Horn (Piano-Musical) ( China make Rs. 100)
6) Front LED Torch (China make Rs. 180)
7) Rear LED Flasher (China make Rs. 110)

Pls note : We r not promoting any brands over here, all accessories r listed to guide the new bikers what to buy.

Few guidelines for fixing a child seat onto your bike.