GoGreen Special Ride on Sunday,13Feb2011 "Say no 2 Fuel"

A Special Campaign Ride ride was organised to show case people to Save on Fuel, GoGreen members conveyed to the fellow citizens to "Say no to Fuel 4 ever, Use Cycles and GoGreen"   This ride was organised @ 5:00pm from Balbhavan where 17 GGI participated. South-GoGreen Group started from RIS junction @ 4:45pm and reached Cubbon Park's Bala Bhavan by 5:15pm where other GGI's from other regions were waiting. Ride started by 5:30pm and the following was the route we chose 

From Jaynagar 5th Blk, RIS junction : 
RIS/Coffee day junction -Jaynagar 4th Block - Jnagar 3rd block -Sount end Circle - Patalamma Temple St - Madhavarao Circle - Vasvi Temple Rd - Sajjan Rao Circle - Karanataka Auto Consultants - Minerva Circle - JC Road - Town Hall - Hudson Circle - Cubbon Park - Kastrubha Rd - Balbhavan 

From Balbhavan : MG Road - Kamaraj Road - Commercial street -Dispensry Rd - Kamaraj Rd - Brigade Rd - Residency Rd - Bangalore Central - Garuda Mall disperse. 

GoGreen Special Ride " Save Fuel"