Totally there were 375 & more GoGreen members along with few school children’s were present in today’s GoGreen Independece Ride supported & Sponsored by Water Stone company.

The ride was flagged off @ 9:30am from Water Stone Company and ended by 10:45am. This day's ride was very special as most of the people on the roadside were shouting "Vande Mataram" Slogans along with us.

one more incident to quote was Near National College baswan gudi, A Group of auto drivers stopped us and started distributing chocolates to all the cyclist. Every one were wondering if this was a part of our plan but when they came to know it was Auto drivers contribution they were surprised & well appreciated.. 

A BMW car slowed down & were waving Indian Flag and encouraging every one. They followed us from Minerva Circle till town hall..   

In spite of hot sun and the peak traffic all the cyclist thoroughly enjoyed.. All in all the true patriotism was found all over the route.. 

The Ride ended @ Water Stone office with a fabulous breakfast. 

followed the following route.

Langford Road – Double Road – Lalbagh Main gate – toward left and Siddapura road – Lalbagh rear Gate – Ashoka Pillar – Jaynagar 4th Block shopping complex – Jaynagar 3rd bloack – Southend Circle – Gandhi Bazar – Minerva Circle – Townhall – Hudson Circle – Mission Road – Langford Road. Totally covering 11 Km’s.  

Mr. HariRam & GoGreen Rao 

We from GoGreenGoCycling Group would thank Water Stone's Mr. Hari Ramfor taking up their time & efforts to support us for hosting this ride and making this Independence day a memorable ride. Our Special thank's for our GGI Shantha Kumar for taking extra efforts 4 coordinating & organizing such a fabulous event. 

We also Thank 108 Ambulance service who supported all along the ride.  We once again thank all our GoGreen members for participating in this event and made it a successful event, hope you all enjoyed thoroughly as the way we did. 

An Mini ICU Ambulance,which was supporting our ride 


    108 Ambulance that was following all along the ride. 


Go Green Chidu along with his Family, 


GoGreen Shaleen along with his kid 

GoGreen Independence Ride