GoGreen Campaign Ride towards Thurahalli Forest & supporting BBCH race..

Around 25 GGI's  met near the starting point and started off to Thurahalli forest to support BBCH - off road race. As we reached the  venue we saw several cyclist  standing with their cycles to participate in the race.    50 to 60 cyclist   participated out of which 10 where from GoGreen team.  We had couple of GGI's who were present as vol enters like Chiddu   who had taken up initiative to conduct a race for kids aged from 8 to 12 yrs hence was busy setting up the track meanwhile We all wanted  to  go on the race route to have a feel of the ride  . It was 3.5 Km's stretch The route was amazing with lots of stones, razar sharp bushes  which needed almost full 100% concentration.