GoGreen Campaign Ride towards Omkar Hills & Srikanth's residence @ Uttharhalli.

 Around 38 GGI's assembled @ Reliance I-Store Junction & started peddling 2wards OMkar Hills located on Utharahalli Road. OmKar hills is around 10Km from RIS junction about Omkar hills  

While going every one enjoyed the downhill with 2 r 3 slight up hills, reached Omkar Hills by 7:45am

Since Omkar hills is Situated @ 2,800 ft above sea level hence the steep was almost more than 45degre, which can be climbed by d cyclist if he is prepared to do it right from d beginning. There was not enough space for  2 r 3 cyclist to peddle together as the entire stretch is of loose red soil covered with lot of pot holes & uneven surface, moreover it's a kachha road which was very slipper, couple of then wanted to try & stopped in between but few were able 2 come up with lots of struggle. People like us choose to push our cycles & reach the hill top.

We reached on d top of the hill by 7-45am & decide to opt 2 get into the temple. Luckily while we were in d temple the priest told us 2 stay for 5 more Min so as to take Maha Aarti, after aarthi we were given Prasad came out & started peddling back 2wards Srikanth's residence @ VK Apartments which is located around 5Km from Omkarhills. He had arranged an breakfast. Since the return was full of uphill’s hence took lot of time to reach. We stopped @ 3 places to pool up & restart. @ 8-45am v reached Srikanth's house where we were welcomed by his Dad & Mom.  Khara bhat & Sweet were served followed with Badam milk. It was almost 9-30am  when v started back.

We never felt we had d b/fast @ this place though most of them had 2 serving but still we were feeling lighter.

Thanks 4 Srikanth, his Dad & his Mom for inviting the GoGreen team to their house & taking care of the team.


Though it was a small ride but the destination choose by Srikanth was too good that made everyone feel happy. Quite a few were existed but all in all everyone liked the most due to uphill struggle which was a nice Exercise 4 d day, if missed out which eventually would have turned out 2 lazy Sunday.


GoGreen Campaign Ride towards Omkar Hills

About Omkar Hill : Omkar Hills also known as Omkara betta is situated about 4 to 5 Kms off the Mysore Road and is one of the lesser known places for weekend hangout. Situated at an altitude of 2,800 ft it is one of the highest points in the city of Bangalore and offers an magnificent view of southern Bangalore. more about this omkar hills pls click on this http://omkarhills.org/JyotirLingaTemple.html