25Aug12..GoGreen's Endurance ride towards Mysore..Tour de Mysore

This being a long ride we asked every one to come to the central meeting point @ 5:30am. Their were couple of them who wanted to take some short cuts and join in between are also requested to join @ the central meeting point so that all instruction are given out to group members. Universal/Merida junction was central meeting point. GGI's started assembling from 5:15am onwards.. Their were few young GGI's who were accompanied by their parents who were eagerly waiting 2 here the route along with some safety tips.  @ 5:45am finally 17 GGI's assembled, Timmana Bhatt announced the route which started from Kanakapura signal- Shree Shree Ashram - Harohalli - Kanakapura - Sathanur - Malavalli - Bannur - Mysore.

25Aug12, GoGreen Tour -de- Mysore