GoGreen Republic day Special Ride 26Jan2012

On 26Jan2012 we organised Special Republic day ride which started from RIS junction through Chamrajpet & rode further to Lalbagh and then dispersed. Their were 42 GGI's participated and the ride was officially sponsored by Wheelsports ,
chamrajpet, who not only took up the cost of the breakfast but also presented a memento in recognizing GoGreen for the Green Initiative. 

The Ride started @ 7:00am from Jaynagar and reached chamrajpet Uma theater by 7:40am. We had kids riding with us who opted for breakfast first then go on with the ride, one more kid choosed to have breakfast @ Brahimn's Coffee Bar which is located on Shankaramatth road.  Iddly,vada & Coffee/tea was ordered for all the participants their after we decided to change our route plan to endup @ Lalbagh flower show. Started from Brahimin's coffee Bar by 8:45am and reached Lalbagh by 9:00am. Due to flower show their was a heavy security added to that it was a paid visit (Rs. 40/person) hence to take all the participants inside was a difficult task. Later decided to get inside with cycles but we were stopped @ the gate were asked to park Cycles outside and then buy tickets. Managed to talk to a director and took permission to take entire group inside Lalbagh @ free of cost that too along with cycles..  We rode our cycles inside lalbagh and stopped near to glass house. Distributed 3rd anniversary memento's to ever riding GoGreen's & finally shared the Memento that was given out by wheelsports. Entered from West gate @ 9:00am and dispersed from main gate by 9:50 am. It was great ride that too riding inside Lalbagh with Indian Flag which made more No of people to turn their head's. 

Route : 
RIS-Junctio - 4th Block Jayanagar -3rd Block- Southend Circle - South end Rd - Naghasandra Circle - DVG Rd - GandhiBazar - Ramakrishna Ashram - Uma Talkies.. 

Uma Talkies - Shankar Matth Rd - Brahimin's Coffee Bar - Ranga Rao Rd - Vanivillas Rd - Lalbagah West gate 

Group snap inside Lalbagh 

GoGreen Kid's with memento...................                  

Memento from Wheelsports for our GoGreen initiative.. 

GoGreen's Republic day's special Ride