26 Mar 2011 Go Green team decided to have a special ride 2 show case their support 4 Earth hour day. Few volunteers from Earth-Hour were present @ the starting point to cover our event. 3 Cyclist Karthik, Naresh & Joesh came all the way from Indranagar and joined the ride. The Special Night Ride was really nice as the traffic had chocked all over and it was only we cyclist were able to move out of all the jams.. We have received couple of thumb’s up during the ride. 

 Covered totally 36 Km's up and down.

GoGreen Group along with  Mr.Balagangadhar Chief officer from Karanataka State Pollution Control Board & Mr. Vijay Kumar Garuda Mall Center manager in their presence switched off almost 80% of the Malls lights and lit the candles.

GoGreen Earth hr special Ride