GoGreen participating in Bangalore's BSA Cyclothon. 23 Jan 2011

For the First time Network 18 has honnered Go Green group for being the event partners hence the registration fee of Rs.300 was waived off for most of our partipaints.
 The GoGreen Team particpated in huge numbers @ this year's BSA Cyclothon 2011, 144 GGI, particpated in this event most of them were from South & East Bangalore. 
Our day started @ 5:30am where we started assembling @ RIS junction, when i reached this place their were already quite a few members who were waiting mainly people from Banshankari had come & were waiting with thier support truck. It was then we saw more and more GGI's turning on. We were suppose to start the ride by 5:45am but we decided to hold on for antoher 5 minutes more so that we could ride along with more no of people. Finally started off by 5:50am. other GGI's started joining us inbetween junctions like Jayadeva flyover then BTM Udapi Garden, Silkboard junction, ORS junction then finally @ Marathalli junction.  
Reached KTPO by 7:15am as planned, we had couple of issues to get our support vehicles into the venue.  GGI members distributed the BIB No and Goodies to all the other members who were not able to collect on the previous day.
LG Green Ride was the last of all which flagged off @ 9:05am, most of them finished the 13km stretch within in 1 Hr. The best part of the ride was, their were many of them who had come on their single speed bikes and were peddling all along with us.  A big thumb's up to all these GGI's who made up their mind to ride this distance. We had collected an nominal amount of Rs.50/- for those who were willing to utalize the support vehicle that was arranged by our GGI-Shilander . It was of great help both for shooting the video as well as dropping most of the GGI's at their respective places. All in all every one enjoyed the day.  

The total distance that was suppose to be covered from Jaynagar 5th block's RIS junction was arround was minimum 61 km (24 km + 13 km Event Ride +  24 km).
We had a team of 2 people from Paris by name Ulysee a filim maker along with his friend Max. Both of them were on the mission to capture cycling aspects in india, they browsed on the internet and GoGreen group fell to their eyes, immediately they called me and spoke about their mission on creating a documentary on Cycling aspects of India. They followed us for almost 3 days to shoot and on the event day they were their from st
artup time of 5:30am till the end of the ride which was almost 12:30pm. We from Go Green would thank them for their efforts in shooting & showcasing our team's Going Green efforts to the people in the other country. Here is what they wanted to say !! 

Dear GoGreen Rao & GGIs of GoGreenGoCycling,
It has been a pleasure to meet you all and to discover and film the GGGC movement.
We want to thank everyone for warmly welcoming us and our video camera inside of the group.
Congratulations to everyone on the positive message you are conveying by riding your bicycles.
We wish GoGreen a great success and to reach out to many people. 
Take care and RIDE ON !!!

Following was the route followed : 
Jaynagar 5th Block RIS/Coffee day junction- BTM Layout - Silkboard junction - Outer Ring Road - Agara - ORS Junction - Marathalli Junction - Varthur Road - White field Rd - ITPL-Main Rd - KTPO

A Traditional bike Salute by the Go Green members @ KTPO grounds, after the end of the event

After the event, Go Green members getting into Support vehicle

GoGreen Particpating in BSA Cyclothon on 23Jan11