GoGreen Team @ Infosys Cyclothon

We all planed to reach Infosys Gate No 6 by 4:45pm. After reaching the place noticed my mobile drained out of charge. Got inside the campus by 5:00am. Sunil Neglur who works for Infosys & a member of GoGreen was also participating, He was surprised to see me as a Chief Guest & later was over joyed.  

Hundreds of Infosys employees  participated in their Cyclothon-2011 event , It was 10 km ride with in Infosys campus where all the participants were asked to take 4 loops of 2.5 km stretch.  A time limit of 45 min was given to complete the ride. GGR addressed the crowd about Global warming, benfits of cycling & about GGI group & their after flagged of the ride @ 5:30pm. Most of them completed the ride much before 6:00pm.  A Decathlon Rock Rider 5.0 was made available for a lucky participant. I picked up the lucky employee's Bib # 122 who rode the Rock rider home.  

We have throughly enjoyed the event, Would thank the organizer for giving us the privilege 
of showcasing our Go Green 
Personaly thank Sumit for working hard to make this happen. I think & feel this is only the beginning, Cheers to GoGreen members, with out u'r support, this day wouldn't have been possible..  "Lets keep up the good work"


 GGR addressing the crowd.

 Go Green Group members @ Infosys campus
            Sunil Neglur, Vinay, Rao, Dr. Kamath, Nagendra,Rajesh & Sumit (not in snap)

Go Green Team at Infosys Cyclothon 2011