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 Come let us together come & participate in huge no's to showcase our Group Strength & 
our Green Initiative to our fellow citizens. 



Important Note : Please Lock u’r Cycles while u Park preferably with u’r fellow GGI’s Cycle.


Dress Code : GoGreen T-Shirt ( U can click on this link) 2 know more about GoGreen Jersey..  
(people who don't have Go Green jersey Can also wear a black T'shirt too :) )


Venue & Central meeting point : Cubbon Park Central library
Central meeting Time :   7-30 am 

We have organised Independence Special ride along with Waterstone.
Would request to join us for this event and also get freinds & fellow mebers to
participate in our cycling event.
South -GGI :
Meeting point : Reliance I Store (RIS) Junction.
Meeting time : 6:30am

Central meeting point : Cubbon Park Central library
Meeting time: 7:30am 

 ve as below 
RIS-Cubbon Park : Jaynagar 4th Block - Jnagar 3rd block - South end Circle - Patalamma Temple St - Madhavarao Circle - Vasvi Temple Rd - Sajjan Rao Circle - Minerva Circle - Town Hall - Cubbon Park 

Go Green Campaign Ride  
   Central meeting Point South-Blr
meeting Point
North - Blr
 Meeting Point
 East - Blr
Meeting Point
 6-450am  6-30 am   0 am      6-30 am  6:3a6 7-15 am m
        RIS Junction   Seshadri Colleage entrance CMH Mcdonalds Cubbon Park Central Library

   Sanjay =9620044077 
Timmanna Bhat
: 99014 00773
Dharshan: 9916090941
 Shanta Kumar -  98861 61515   Kumaran
9845O 1O843

Karthik Anbu

GGI - POC (Point of Contact)
  Ride Details

HighlighImportant Points : 

1) Pls carry u'r water bottles
2) Front Head light on u'r cycle 
3) Lock u'r cycles while u park, preferably lock with fellow GGI-Cyclist.
4) People who don't have GoGreen Tees can wear Black T-Shirts.

Click the below to contact u'r zone's Point of Contact 

if u don't find any nominated GGI in u'r zone pls do call me on 98450 65950 or mail : Rao@GoGreenGoCycling.org 

Dress code : Go Green T-Shirt 

Go green T-shirt and people who have not
ordered Go Green T-shirts can click this button and

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