Do's and Don'ts

Before u start u'r ride do a through check on A, B & C 
   A - Check the Air presure of u'r Cycle tyre.
   B - Check the Brakes 
   C - Check u'r  Crank ,  Chain &  Cassette 


               1) Change only 1 gear at a time (Left side or Right Side)

             2) Do wait for 1 or 2 complet rotation of u’r crank then go for the next gear

             3)  Change the gear while u r peddling

            4) If at all u r driving after 6:00pm please do add a LED light in the front and a blinker on to u’r rear side of u’r saddle post.

             5) Adjust the Saddle/seat post in such a way that only u’r toes r touching the ground. In this postion u                     would be                        ensuring to split  U’r weight equally by 1:1:1 ie divide u’r weight equally on Peddel, Front  Handle & Seat Post

            6) Give proper hand signaling so as the other person can predict u’r movements.

            7) Wear a proper Helmet/Head guard 

            8) Fix rear view mirrors to your cycle and watch the traffic behind you which is as important as the                                                              traffic in front of you..

            9) Ensure your visibility while you are on the cycle. Wear bright light T-shirt, reflectors belts, mask .. etc. you may look                               crazy but it will help you in preventing accidents.  


        1) Do not change both Left & Right Gears together.

       2) Do not change Gears while the cycle is stationed.

       3) Do not adjust any kind of screw given on the gear sets, this would spoil the Gear tuning.          

       4) Do not Over take a Bus or Lorry while its moving. These drivers get frustrated  
       Rembmer few more Do's & Donot's while u r on Group Ride.
DO Wear a helmet. NOT NEGOTIABLE.
-DO Bring enough food and drink to complete the route.
-DO Have tubes, patches &  pump to repair your own flat
-DO Coordinate start location, rides to and from, course or route beforehand. Know where you're going in case
       (a) you're separated or      
       (b) need to plot a course change. Don't rely on the ride leader to provide cue sheets the day of the ride.
-DO Show up on time, don't expect more than 5-10 minutes of waiting on someone.
-DO Bring ID, cell phone, and money on the ride
-DO Know the number of someone to call if you need help
           (i.e. - you crashed, bumped your head, and we need to contact someone for you)
           Asking to call your family and not knowing the number doesn't cut it
-DO If there is a crash, assess damage and if you are responsible, offer to pay for repairs.
          If you beleive someone caused damage to you, discuss it and make arrangements for repairs
-DO Stay with the group or notify the general leader of the group in advance if you are leaving the ride,
          cutting it short, or desire to ride on your own
-DO Share your food or drink with someone in need
-DO Share your tube or air with someone who needs it. If you are the one who needed it,
       ensure you replace what you borrowed to the person from whom you got it from.
       Someday this will happen to you.
-DO Bring enough gear to suit the weather. Be convertible for changes.
-DO If you don't know, ask. There is no shame in not knowing. There is shame in not knowing and not asking and
       finding out the hard way.
-DO waive to other cyclists and drivers.
-Do Hand singles are very important. Ensure the opposite motor-vehicle driver notice you at least with your hand signal and 
      read which way you are heading. 

Do Nots
-Don't do pretty much the opposite of anything above
-Don't leave anyone behind. Everyone has a responsibility to the group and to let the leader know if someone fell off the pace.
-Don't expect food, tubes, gear, or air. Someone will offer it to you but realize that it is now at their risk if they have a flat or nutrition need. Also, expect to pay to replace the tube, food, air or return the gear, clean preferably.
-Don't offer your tube, air, gear, if you aren't prepared to part with it. You may not get it back.
-Don't be aggressive with cars or drivers. Regardless of who is right you lose. The car is much larger, faster,
       and better insured than you & your pretty bicycle.
-Don't be crazy in traffic or in the city. Generally respect all traffic laws.