12Sep09 Sarjapura ride

Following r the people who did participated in this Sarjapur Ride
Prabhakar Rao, Vijay Kumar, Timmanna Bhat,Rajaram,Chidu, VasantKumar, Nishank, Major Srinivas.  

Started @ 6:15am and endup by 11:30pm with total distance of coverage of 50 kms (25 + 25 Kms). Started off from BTM Udapi hotel. with team of 8 members towards Sarjapur Road. Earlier we did planned to go towards Yogavanna Hills but due to early morning rain, we decided to change the route and started towards Sarjapura. 

We stopped at Varthur Cross roads for feasting on Thatya Iddly @ Hotel Prashanth. We ate  Iddly, vada, tee & Coffee,  total bill came up to Rs. 164/- only.  
Prashanth hotel ,Contact person : Verabadhra or Sidhya on 9242998562 
Rates : Iddly Rs. 12/Plate, Vada Rs. 2/each, Cofee/Tee Rs.5 

On the way back we did halted @ Decathlon stores for some purchase and We met the UAS organisers and their team members who were eager to join our initiative. All in all, it was a memorable ride, 

Snap shots of this ride. 

12 Sep 2009 Sarjapura Ride