Go-Green 5th Expedition

Following r the people who did participated in this Sarjapur Ride
Prabhakar Rao, Timmanna Bhat,Rajaram,Mohan,Rajesh Madhira,Arun Nayak,Chidu,Vishwas Narendra,Suma Rao,VasantKumar,Thejus, Stanley,Manish Sharma,Major Srinivas,Swanthak Missara,Suhas Prabhu,Sumit 

Started @ 5:45am and endup by 12:30pm with total distance of coverage of 70 kms (35 + 35 Kms). Started off from JP Nagar 3Rd phase and with 8 of them going further we did had 4 of them joining @ BTM Udapi gardens, 2 of them @ Silk board and further 6 of them @ ORRS Junction. totally a team of 20 Members headed towards Sarjapur Road. Earlier we did planned to take Chandapur cross right turn and then get on to our old route but Yogesh did turned our minds towards Varthur Cross roads for feasting on Thatya Iddly. We did Halted @ Hotel Prashanth and did feasted. We did ate so many Iddlyies,vada, tee & Coffee for all the 20 of them, total bill came up to Rs. 297/- only.  
Prashanth hotel ,Contact person : Verabadhra or Sidhya on 9242998562 
Rates : Iddly Rs. 12/Plate, Vada Rs. 2/each, Cofee/Tee Rs.5 

On the way back we did halted @ Decathlon stores for some purchase and that some purchase was almost Rs.34000/- Which includes some head guards, Puntcher kits,Mirrors and 2 Cycles too :) All in all, it was a memorable ride, Thanks for all the team members for waiting at most of the junction without complaining but did allowed other team mates to join.

Snap shots of this ride. 

Go-Green 5th Expedition