Go Green March-09 CM


We did planned to meet @ Cafe Coffee day by 3:30 pm, I turned up by 3:05pm. I just thought of pulling out Madhu for this CM hence called and some how got a confirmation that she is going to join us, I took a u turn and rushed back to Madhu's place to pick her meanwhile Rajaram arrived on  time along with Shwetank and then followed by Parag.. Myself and Madhu rushed back to Coffee day and reached by 3:40 (10 Minutes late, Sorry guys for making u all to wait :) ) All Of us rushed toward B'lore Press Club.                                                                                                                                                   





Zaffer & his 8yrs Old Son Faiz joined us @ Ashoka Pillar.

We all managed to reach the starting point of CM by 4:35pm. 
























we did meet a small little kid by name Maya too (with her small cycle attached with supporting wheels.. She was a good inspiration and also we had one cyclist with Krishna’s costume .. Started off by 4:45pm, this time the route was towards west B’lore “Sanky tank”  


B’lore Press Club – Queens Road – Raj Bhavan Road – Palace Rd – Chowdaiah Road – Golf Course – Le Meridian- Ramana Maharishi Rd – Sankey Rd – Bhashyam Circle – Sankey Rd like side –CV Ramana Circle – Sanky Tank  main entrance – Disperse..


South group with Rao,Madhu,Rajaram,Parag,Siddharth,Divya,Kanu,Sunil,Shwetank Lavayana and 2 more cyclist took a route back to Jaynagar 5th Block Café Coffee day through lalbagh Main Gate-Lalbagh West gate – South end circle – Straight on 4th Main road –Cafee Coffee day. Reached by 8:00pm then we all split.. Did had a good fun hope to see more people joining in.. Thanks guys for making up to this CM and people who have missed this CM, Pls plan up for the next one..




Enclosed below r few snaps that were taken during the Critical Mass.


Go Green B'lores March CM (28th Mar 2009)


Earth hour celebration 2009 @ Pranal Enclave !!
All flat members of Pranal Enclave decided to vote for Earth Hour 2009 on 28th March Saturday 2009 hence switched off all lights including UPS and appartment mains from 8:30pm to 9:50pm and voted in favour of Earth hour 2009.