Go Green Campaign Ride - 06 Sep 2009 towards Cubbon park

Started by 6:45am and reached cubbonpark by 7:20am. As soon as we entered cubbon park we noticed 3 cyclist riding with a low saddles, noticed tobe newbies to cycling, met them introduced our Go Green awareness and they loved to be part of the group meanwhile Vasantkumar did introduced 3 more newbies into the group. total it was a pleasant ride that we did had this Sunday and hopefully looking forward to have all these people on board ASAP.

List of Participants.
Prabhakar Rao, Timmanna Bhat, Rajaram, Sameer, Adithya, Manoj, Sai Kumar, Swathank, VasantKumar, Rajesh , Gautam, Hans, Rishikesh , Venkat & Srinivas 

Route followed.
Jaynagar 4th Block - Jnagar 3rd block - Ashoka Pillar - Siddhya Road- Lalbagh Rear Gate - Lalbagh Main Gate - Minerva Circle - Hudson Circle - Cubbon Park - City Libarary -  Bangalore Press Club. 
Malya Hospital, hotel Ramanashree - Residencey Rd flyover - doubel road -Lalbagh Main gate - Lalbagh rear Gate - Ashoka Pillar - Swiming Pool road - Jaynagar 4th block  - KFC - Jaynagar 5th Blk Cofee day/ Apple Mac show room. 

Go Green Campaign Ride Sunday 06 Sep 09