GoGreen 1st Anniversary (20 Sep 2009)

We started off by 7:00am and followed our usual route towards cubbon park. This day we wanted to celebrate our 1st Go Green's Anniversary very grandly.  This was the first of its kind where their were 47 participants for various parts of Bangalore and local media TV-9 who were suppose to shoot from the starting point but was not able to due to a small internal miss-communication however they manged to meet us at cubbon park.   National media Network 18 was also present to cover our celebrations. Cyclothon registration was also made available on this event and most of them signed to participate in the event that is going to be held on 11 October 2009.  

Route followed.
Jaynagar 4th Block - Jnagar 3rd block - Ashoka Pillar - Lalbagh West gate - Minerva Circle - Town Hall Hudson Circle - Cubbon Park - City Library -  Bangalore Press Club. 
Malya Hospital, hotel Ramanashree - Residencey Rd flyover - doubel road -Lalbagh Main gate - Lalbagh rear Gate - Ashoka Pillar - Swiming Pool road - Jaynagar 4th block  - KFC - Jaynagar 5th Blk Cofee day/ Apple Mac show room. 

Participants names 
Go Green Rao(Prabhakar Rao), Nalina P Rao, Pranalini , Vijay Kumar, Rajaram
Timmanna Bhat, Vishal, Madhu hegde, Rajesh, Ram, Gautham ,Swanthank, 
Samarth, Sunil, Deepak, Sidharth, Shanthu, Babu, Diksheet, Nishanth, Suresh,
Sreedhar, Ajith, Vishwanath, Radhika, Satish Rao, Vasant Kumar, Deepankar, 
Soujanya Sheety, Nagandra, Goutamm, Arun, Suhash, Harichandana,Sashi
Aranab, Mayank , SaiRam, Deeva, Sumit, Annup, Nagashree, Rajesh, Arun, Mani Bhooshan

Snap shots of 20 Sep 2009 Go Green's 1st Anniversary

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Video shoot of Go Green's 1st anniversary  20 Sep 2009

Go Green 1st Anniversary video shoot