GoGreen-26Nov10 A Tribute to martyr Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan- "The Real Brave heart"

Go Green team along with BBC decided to do  "A Tribute ride in memories of the Martyr Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan" & also show our groups support to his father who cycled all along from Delhi to Mumbai. 

I know, many of them would have loved to join our tribute ride even after having busy scheduled week day, but due to lack of time or due to the end minute posting many missed out. We apologize for bringing out this plan in the last minute.  

Waited for Shashi who had called me to catchup but their after Myself along with Rajen Started of from RIS junction @ 6:30am sharp meanwhile when we reached Jaynagar 4th block, received call from RK & Jai,  Parag met us near South end circle all of set off to our central meeting point. Reached Vidhan Soubha by 7:10 am we saw Yogesh, Badri, Janardhan & couple of others were waiting for us. TV-9 Media had come to cover our tribute ride after interviewing we started @ 7:25am. Totally 16 GoGreen & BBC Cyclist started peddling towards ulsoor lake meanwhile decided to end @ ulsoor lake's east side entrance where a army tanker has been stationed as a land-mark. Reached Ulsoor lake by 7:55am 

Following was the route: 

RIS/Coffee day junction -Jaynagar 4th Block - Jnagar 3rd block -Sount end Circle - Patalamma Temple St - Madhavarao Circle - Vasvi Temple Rd - Sajjan Rao Circle - Karanataka Auto Consultants - Minerva Circle - JC Road - Town Hall - Hudson Circle - Cubbon Park - Vadhana Soudha

Vadhan Soudha - KR Circle - Hudson Circle - Kanteerva Stadium - Kasturba Rd- Jewels de paragon - MG Road - Dickanson Rd - Ulsoor Rd - Ulsoor Lake MEG Gate then dispersed for breakfast.

Go Green's tribute ride