Saturday 18th July 2009, Ride to Jigani,    By Timmanna Bhat 

This Saturday ride to Jigani was an extreme fun filled event. Six of us, myself, Rajaram, Rajiv, Sumit, Vinesh and Kiran started from Mandovi Motors at 6.30am. As we started few tiny droplets started coming down from the sky. Sooner we realized it is raining, though the effect was like a mist. As we proceeded the rain increased and we stopped just before Meenakshi Temple. After short break we decided to proceed and enjoy the rainy ride. Within no time we were wet and started enjoying the ride. 

Taking a left turn just after Meenakshi temple, we continued in a road parallel to BG road that is less crowded. After crossing NICE road we took a left turn and joined Bebur-Koppa Road. By that time all of us were completely drenched and were enjoying the rain. 

After taking couple of snaps we touched Bettadasanapura and proceeded towards Jigani.

It was raining endlessly and it was really fun riding in the rain all along. At around 7.45am we reached Jigani main road. Rajiv felt eating something and right at the junction there was a small hotel calling us. We ate Idli Vada and Chetni and sipped very sweet but hot tea. The rain was still pouring and there was not sign of stopping.  

We started our return journey back in the pouring rain and the rain stopped by the time we reached the BG road back. 

Here are the few snaps taken: 

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Go Green ride towards Jigani