GoGreen Campaign special Ride 10/10/10

Started from RIS junction @ 7:30am and reached Cubbon Park by 8:00am where our other participants were waiting 4 us. totally their were around 40 participants in this special event. We moved on to MG park road where their were another 10 people from different organizationals who were waiting for us.  We started the ride @ 8:30am as decided earlier meanwhile we saw people rushing from all the direction to watch Cricket match @ China Swamy stadium hence we felt we would take advantage of presence of many people around the stadium finally decided to go around the stadium and then took off as per our defined route. 

What is 350? 350 is the number that leading scientists say is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Scientists measure carbon dioxide in "parts per million" (ppm), so 350ppm is the number humanity needs to get below as soon as possible to avoid runaway climate change. To get there, we need a different kind of PPM-a "people powered movement" that is made of people like you in every corner of the planet.

On 10/10/10, in every corner of the globe, 350.org r implementing solutions to the climate crisis. From solar panels to community gardens, wind turbines to bike workshops, like wise today's event is dedicated towards climate change and a effort to reduce Carbon foot print & at the same time putforth our Green Initiative to fellow citizens. 

Route from RIS:  
Started @ 7:30am frm RIS/Coffee day junction -Jaynagar 4th Block - Jnagar 3rd block -Sount end Circle - Patalamma Temple St - 
Madhavarao Circle - Vasvi Temple Rd - Sajjan Rao Circle - Karanataka Auto Consultants - Minerva Circle - JC Road 
- Town Hall - Hudson Circle - Cubbon Park

Route from Cubbon Park : 
MG Road - Brigade road - Garuda Mall - Viveak Nagar - Koramangala National Games Village - Track & Trail - forum rear side- forum front side - Dairy circle - Bannerghatta Rd -sagar Automobiles - Sagar Apallo - Jnagar T Blk- Jaynagar 4th Block. Disperse  

@ 10/10/10 @ 10:10, We gave our camera to one of a student who was at the venue, We gave him all the instruction but for our unfortunate the Guy was not able to capture a single snap. Good that i was checking to reconfirm but was annoyed to see none were captured. I need to rush the team members to do one more bike salute which was exactly captured @ 10:10.  Sorry for the poor lighting, didn't noticed :(  

Guys check out our Special Bike Salute on 10 / 10 / 10 @ 10:10  
Mission accomplished : )  

One of our Go Green Initiator Mr. Srikanth along with his parents who received us @ the end point Jaynagar 4th Block, were we did our bike salute and dispersed for IVC 

Go Green Team featured on The Hindu News Paper  Monday 11 October, Page 6

 Go Green Team featured on The Times of India, Monday 11 October, Page 5

Snap Shot from our 10/10/10 Ride 

GoGreen Special Campaign Ride on 10/10/10 2 reduce Carbon Foot print