GoGreen Campaign Ride towards Kormangala & attending a demo class on Artistic Yoga 31oct10

Started from RIS Junction @ 6:45am and reached Cubbon Park by 7:30am where our other members were waiting, We met all the Dedeutsche bank employees who were doing their running and walking and collecting their carbon points.
Since the time was moving out hence we rushed towards Koramangala National Games village side. Kumaran joined from Brigade Road and Vasanth & Padma joined @ Venue.  Totally there were 21 GGI's who peddled to Kormangala and reached Indian Hertiage Academic by 8:15am. A group of people who were waiting to welcome our group. 

Thanks to Nagashree for bringing up this demo and also Thanks to Santhanam of Artistic Yoga who made this to happen. 
We all got into the demo class, It was such a awesome experience that we all had that we wish u all wouldn't have missed this opportunity. We never knew how we spent our 1hr 30 Min. After doing few asana's, I was sweating like as if u have done a 50Km race :) 

One of Sr. GGI Member's Rajaram's Comments
Dropping this mail just to say that the experience of artistic yoga was really v good. Just made me realize how good or rather how bad I was. I think the stretches were the best part and yoga comibined with cycling would definitely give us the best. I am sure it would also help us in cycling long distances. I would have definitely liked to take this further to speak to the team there on how this would reduce my weight. However, I have joined gym recently and I would not be able to spare time for the gym if I take this up. 
Thanks to you once again on this wonderful experience and let us know how 'unfit' we are.... would surely look at this atleast for a month or two along with gym sometime in the future. 

Nagashree Coodduvalli Comments  

Thanks for taking forward the suggestion Rao! it wouldn't have been possible 
without you! 
This idea started when my friends from the artistic yoga group came with me 
on our GGI second anniversary ride to support in what I believe. Just when 
we were about to leave my friend Namita and Silky came with this idea and we 
shared with Rao and in no time Rao with Santa (Santhanam) put the whole act 
I want to echo Rao's thought on how awesome the ride was followed by the 
yoga session. Uma Gautam (our yoga instructor) & the other teachers helped 
us turn and twist our body in ways we couldn't have possibly imagined (I am 
sure the pictures can tell...) and ended session by taking us to another 
world with few minutes of meditation. 
Rajaram is right - It really showed us how fit we really are! :) :) :) 
This experience dawned no me how important it is for us to involve our 
family and friends and how much we can help each other out. What was 
supposed to be just a fun morning with 3 friends hanging out actually 
triggered planning one of the best weekend campaign rides (in my opinion) 
because we were not only thinking of mother earth we also took time to think 
about ourselves- mind, body and soul 
Enclosed below r few snap shot from today's ride.   

Go Green Campaign Ride towards Koramangala 31Oct10