GoGreen Campaign Ride towards Cubbon Park 14 Mar 2010

We had 2 new GGI's,  Senthil (Madiwala) & Ganesh (Koramangala) Since being a long weekend (4 days) most of the people were out of station. however we started off by 6:45 from RIS junction & reached Cubbon park by 7:30am. 

Meanwhile,  Ashwath who joined us to try out cycling and was cycling after 10 long years hence advised to peddle slowly so as to get use to it. he came along with the group till Jaynagar 4th Block (which is roughly around 8 Km 4+4 ) their after asked him to take a U turn so that he could reach home with out any cramps. Ashwath & Sushma both couple staying in BTM Layout decided to Go Green & were referred by Shilpa. Sushma had decided on Merida while Ashwath wanted to tryout different cycles then decided. 

We also met Mr. Gangadar who was riding a Merida hybrid bike.. we even met  TV9-New's media person who wanted to interview us for taking our opinion on the BBMP Polls.. :) 

Route Followed 
Started @ 6:45am RIS Junction jaynagar 5th Blk- Jaynagar 4th Block - Jnagar 3rd block - Ashoka Pillar - Lalbagh West gate - Minerva Circle - Town Hall Hudson Circle - Cubbon Park - Central Library - 
Cubbon park Huddson circle Gate - Kasturba Rd - MG Road - Brigade Road -Residency Road, Doubble Road, Lalbagh front gate - Lalbagh rear gate/Siddhya road - Mahadevan Park - Jaynagar 4th Block - KFC - Raghavendra Matth - RIS jucntion. Reached by 8:50am  

                                                                                         New GGI's (Newbies) who participated in the Campaign Ride. 
Divya back with her new Cycle !!                                               Names reading from Left to Right :  Senthil, Gangadar, Ganesh   

Group Photo.. 

Names Reading from Left to Right.
Rao,Timmanna, Siddharth, Ganesh, Srinivas, Satish, Srikanth, Jerald, Senthil, Gangadar 
2nd Row.. Shantu with few cyclist @ cubbon park.

People missing in the photo graphs : Sashi, Manasi, Shankar & Ashwath

Snap Shots from the Campaign Ride 14 March 2010.

Go Green Campaign Ride 14 Mar 2010