GoGreen Cyclothon_event 11 Oct 2009

32 Members of Go Green team participated in the Cyclothon Event,  Most of them were among the Green Ride, few on Amateur & few on Elite ride too.. Much before we reached the BIEC the first Elite ride was already flagged off.. We took around 1 Hr to settle down most of it was due missing guidance or announcements however it was a quite a big event. Most of the place was filled out with MSG candidates on hired BSA Hawak. Shantanu along with his cycle was present @ BIEC by 6:00am and has not registered to any of the rides. Soujayna had missed BMTC bus from Koramangala but manged to reach venue with her husband's help.    

Our Green Ride started @ 9:30am. It was little cramped in the beginning but going forward once we hit the NICE road people got distributed. Vasant Kumar & Nishank caught us @ the entrance gate where we all shouted them to join and the security guy who was petrolling was confused as both of them were also wearing the Go Green Tee's and allowed them to join with out BIB no. :). In the beginning, We started as a Fun ride and hence were in group discussing shooting couple of snaps but very soon we realized every one were overtaking us hence myself, Rajaram,Pradeep & Vijay decided to split from the group and Race on to be in the first positions. Very soon we achieved and maintained till the end point. I didn't clocked the watch but I feel we completed 25 Km within 50 Min. Nice experience

More details about the event & results.

The 35-km competition called Elite was for professionals, competitive athletes and amateurs. The other events were Corporate Race (25 km), Green Race (25 km), Teen Ride (13-17 years, five km), and Fun Ride (8-12 years, two kilometres).The men’s 35-km Elite race was won by Sabu Ganegar, a 19-year-old currently getting trained at the national camp in Patiala. The second place was bagged by rider Sachin Panwar of Delhi. The third place went to Sharwan Bambu of Rajasthan. In the women’s 35-km Elite race, the first place was won by K. Suchitra Devi who is also getting trained at the national camp in Patiala. The second and third places were won by Nilanmma Maligawad of Karnataka and Mahita Mohan from the national camp. Along with participants from all walks of life and belonging to age groups from eight to eighty years, the event also had a good dose of celebrity presence, including popular Kannada actress Pooja Gandhi and billiards champion Pankaj Advani. 

Few Snaps taken during the event.

Cyclothon Event 10 Oct 2009

Feedback/update on the cyclothon event by our group member.

Hi All,

Great being a part of the cyclothon held in the city.

Although, I had my grouches against the logistics corporate group (for the way they transported my bicycle to the venue), refreshment counter goodies (which were only Bananas!), event management group (how they just pushed all amateur/corporate/green riders in a mixed lot + no
stalls/entertainment along the course of the race...it looked so plain :( ); BMTC (Even though many paid a lot to get to the respective pick up points well in advance, the Bus came in a good 30 minutes
late)....BUT Although, although.....it was good to participate in the

Team: Sorry folks!, I hung around in the hangar post race for some time but then I ventured into the car park lot and hunted for Go Green
people but nobody were there...I tossed in a couple of ice cream bars and then set to travel back home on bicycle

I thought my ride on the NICE roads was good to finish in 1 hour 5 minutes, my travel on the REAL road enroute home was the real
test....I reached home safely in 1 hour 20 minutes (Indiranagar)....I  found it okay really!...

No photos taken by me...I forget my camera at home on event day....I  think I figure in one snap of Nagashree's album across the road, going past the MEG guys grinding their rented BSA mach bicycles (which I cannot fail to point out, was a big disappoint for all riders--bad