Go Green Gandhi Jayanti Special Ride 02 Oct 2009

Their were 24 participant confirmation for Gandhi Jayanti special ride but since the day started with heavy drizzling their were fever turn out. We waited till 8:10am just to see if some one could join us . Totally we were 14 of them & quite a few new comers on this ride who happed to sign in to our GGGC very recently. We planned to enter into Mahatma Gandhi Park but initially were restricted by police cops due to ongoing Congress protest @ that place but once we put forth our intention on being there and the sub inspector in charge was very much convinced. he gave us permission to park our cycles in front of the gate. We took couple of snaps inside the park then headed towards Brigade Road where we did our Bike Salute. We met Pankaj on his Target who was doing his solo ride. 
All in all it was a pleasant weather and Special Thanks for our Rain god for not drenching us with his Rains !! :)  

Participants Names 
RajaRam, Vijay Kumar, Adithya, Prabhakar Rao, Kavitha, Shantu, Venkat, Sayeed, Mayank, Pankaj, Vasant Kumar, Nishank ,Sudharsan, Sontash.    

Following is the route  we followed 
Jaynagar 5th Block - Jaynagar 4th Block - Jnagar 3rd block - Ashoka Pillar - Lalbagh West gate - Minerva Circle - Hudson Circle - Cubbon Park - MG Road - Brigade Road - Brigade Towers - Johnson Market - Baldwin High school - Bannerghatta Road - Dairy Circle (Under passage) - Fire station - Jal Mandal - Jayadeva hospital - Eastend - BigBazar - CoffeeDay/ RIS (Reliance I-Store) junction.   

Go Green's Gandhi Jayanti Ride 02Oct09