March-8th 2009 Sunday's event.



Sunday Mar 08 ride


Heading - Twrds
Started Time
End Time
Distance Covered (apprx.)
No of Team Members
Pranal Enclave (JP Nagar 5th Phase)
Royal Lake View  (JP Nagar 8th Phase)
18 Kms
Started from PRANAL – Enclave  – Brigade Millennium – Puthanalli Rd – Kothnur Dinna – Coconut Avenu- Royal Lake side layout - RLL club house - RBI grounds and back to PRANAL Enclave .

Sunday March 8th ride


   List of team members participated

1)      Prabhakar Rao (JP Nagar 5th Phase)
2)      Prasad Raju  (JP Nagar 5th Phase)
3)      Vijay Kumar  (JP Nagar 5th Phase)
4)   Jaleel (Near Dayanada Colleage.)
5)      Madhu Hegde (JP Nagar 6th Phase)
6)   Satish MC  (BTM 1st Stage )
7)   Kavindra (BTM 2nd Stage)
8)   Paresh (BTM 2nd Stage)
9)   Zaffer (Ashoka Pillar)
10) Siddharth
 11) Praveer (JP Nagar 1st Phase)
12) Shashikanth Rao (JP Nagar 8th Phase) 
Attended the Millinium kidzee programme, Since they started the programme late @ 10:15 am hence all time slots postponed accordingly, We were already late and also didn't wanted to distrub their priorities hence decided to leave the place with out waiting further however Headmisses assured to give all the parents mail ID so that we can address the same through a mail.