TUESDAY, 23 SEPTEMBER 2014 My first longest bike ride

It was a long break from writing!

 Finally, tapping my keyboard for a reason which doesn't involve my office work; Off late, doing the things which I missed in my younger days and finding solace in them.

 I started running and cycling. I participated in one of the 10km runs and have just begun to improve my timings. I will publish a detailed blog on how running changed my perspective towards life after I achieve my personal target (Hopefully soon!).

For now, let me keep myself to cycling and other great opportunities life is throwing at me. This post is about my first 150km+ ride.

A year or so ago, cycling flu hit my friends and each of them got a bike. I wasn’t initially interested and considered waste of money to invest on a bike. Although, I was persuaded often to buy one myself, I laughed at them saying it would just rest in my home and not on roads...Click here for more

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