Five Steps to Successfully Promote Bicycle Commuting at Work

Finding Other Cyclists

Who do you know at work? What do they use their bicycles for? Where are they sitting in your office? Maybe you lock up at the bike rack with the same people every day. Maybe your cube-mate races on weekends or belongs to a cycling club. Get to know these people.

Get Together

Maybe you can get together for lunch and talk about experiences biking to work. If the people you talk to don’t bike to work, find out what changes would help them try it out.

Decide On a Goal

Figure out what you want to achieve in your workplace. For example, you may want your company to participate in Bike to Work Week for the first time. Do you want to get secure indoor parking? Pick a goal. The list of examples from other companies on pages 10 and 11 may give you some ideas about what you can achieve at your workplace.

Sell Your Program

Find out who you need to talk to achieve your goal. Is it your immediate boss or the editor of your company newsletter ? or Perhaps it’s your Admin manager or company concierge service.