Some Ideas and Successful Examples of What Others Have Done

Be an Example

  • Leave your helmet on your desk or somewhere else prominent in your workplace.
  • Post bike route maps near your desk or in another prominent place.
  • Convey the spirit that commuting by bike is contagious.
  • Convince your chief executive officer and/or board members to bike to work, and then recognize them publicly.
  • Attend public bicycle related events such as Bike to Work Day.

Offer Encouragement

  • Talk about how you enjoy bicycling.
  • Host a commuter breakfast.
  • Have a trial commute with colleagues in your area.
  • Provide expertise:
    • Lead lunchtime warm-up rides.
    • Coordinate a “bike buddy” system where novices are paired up with experienced commuters in your office.
    • Post a bicycle maintenance Q & A regularly in your company newsletter or email.

Get the Word Out

  • Put up posters in the parking garage, in the rest rooms, and on bulletin boards.
  • Set up an information table in the lobby.
  • Document bike commuters and create peer pressure:
    • Write up a commuter profile for your company newsletter.
    • Tally up bike commuters participating in Bike to Work Week events.
    • Take a group photo of the bike commuters in your office.
  • Create a cafeteria display.
  • Display a tasteful sign outside your building or in your lobby showing your participation in and support for Bike Month.
  • Invite speakers to teach bicycle commuting.
  • Hold a bike commuting fair.
  • Spread the word through:
    • inter-office memos
    • company newsletters
    • company gossip channels
    • association newsletters or communications channels
    • electronic bulletin boards or networks
    • inserts in company paychecks

Eliminate Barriers

  • Keep a set of bike tools, extra tubes, and a patch kit in the office for employees to use.
  • Arrange for parking for employees and cycling clients.
  • Arrange for showers for bike commuting employees.
  • Promote safety.
  • Host a workshop on basic bike repair during lunch.

Create Incentives

  • Arrange for massages for bike commuters.
  • Arrange discounts on the purchase of bicycles, parts, and service with a local bike shop.
  • Design and distribute a company bike commuter t-shirt.
  • Reimburse employees for work-related trips made by bike at the same rate as other vehicles.
  • Award prizes or rewards for biking to work during Bike to Work Week and beyond:
    • extra time off
    • tickets to an opera or a ball game
    • a trophy
    • free use of company fitness club
    • raffle off a cycling vacation
  • Arrange a competition among the different departments in your workplace to see who can log the most bike miles during the week.

Make It Last

  • Organize a bike commuter committee at your workplace.
  • Keep your “bike buddy” system active year round.
  • Host bike-related workshops year round to help keep everybody riding.
  • Go on rides together.