why should employee Bike to work ??


Many bicycle commuters find that riding to work cuts their commute time, getting them to work faster than driving or taking transit. Bike commuting also saves the time needed for hunting for parking or waiting for transit. Exercising while commuting can also save you the time you would take to workout.

After the initial investment of purchasing a bicycle, helmet, and lock, bicycle commuting is the cheapest way to get around town on wheels. Routine maintenance is usually an entire digit cheaper than it is for a car, and much of it can be done by the bicycle owner.

Health and Fitness
Exercising is healthy — just ask your doctor. Biking can be a very good cardiovascular workout and does wonders for circulation and muscle tone in your legs. It’s much easier to stay fit when you work exercise into your daily routine.

Mental Well Being
Biking is fun! Bike commuting gets blood pumping into your brain much more efficiently than a third cup of coffee. When you get to work you might find a sense of peace and joy washing over you. Those are endorphins at work, and they kick in when you exercise.

The Ecological Argument
Bicycles do not use fossil fuels, cause ozone depletion, emit deadly pollutants such as lead and carbon monoxide, contribute to increases in asthma cases across the industrialized world, or leak disgusting things into the water table. They run on whatever you eat for breakfast. Many bikes can be built with the same amount of resources it takes to build one car.