Follow these saftey precautions while you cycle..

The best way to reach places in time is to leave early.. You not only reach early but also enjoy riding to that place.. :) 

Saftey Gears that we would recommend. 

1) Helmet 
2) Hand glose
3) Rear view mirrors on both the sides
4) Specs / shades that could cover your eyes..
4) Rear carrier 
5) Bright color jersey with reflector tapes. Nothing like a GoGreen Jersey. (Click the GoGreen Jersey link to know why)
6) LED front and tail light with blinker (Must for night/evening rides)
7) Blinker on your Helmet (Must for night/evening rides)
8) Water bottle 
9) Loud bell or Tube Horn 

Caution for Cyclists:
  1. Wear a cycle helmet and appropriate clothes.
  2. Ride on the left of the road, with other traffic.
  3. Obey stop signs and traffic lights, like the rest of the traffic.
  4. In traffic signals, Don't wait behind the traffic, Its always better you pull down your cycle and come to the front this not only avoids intaking of polluted air but also keeps you safe from other vehicles.. 
  5. Give signals with one hand while riding. Never ride with just one hand on the handlebar specially when you navigate through a hump. 
  6. Keep both feet on the pedals.
  7. Look back over your shoulders and take a right turn comfortably, give way to the traffic coming from behind. It is always better you fix rear view mirror on both sides which could avoid many accidents.
  8. Never follow any vehicle closely. Maintain safe distance.
  9. Avoid big and busy roads with fast moving traffic.
  10. Do not enter a street where you see the "No Entry" sign.
  11. Stop before you enter moving traffic from a driveway, a parking lot, a minor road, or from behind a parked car or bus. Go ahead only when the way is clear.
  12. If you are passing a stopped car be careful, a door may suddenly open.
  13. Never stop your cycle on a pedestrian crossing. Never ride your cycle on a footpath.
  14. Never try to overtake- if you must, do it only if the driver of the vehicle in your front has permitted or signaled you to overtake. Never try to overtake a vehicle, which is in the process of taking a turn.
  15. Under no circumstances should you ride on the wrong side of the road or cross the road abruptly.
  16. Never stop suddenly without showing a signal. Watchfully move towards the left while slowing down, but signal your intentions to the traffic following you.

5 Reason To Join our GoGreen Group Ride

1. You’ll Get Stronger: It’s almost a guarantee that many, if not most, of the riders in the group will be stronger, and you’ll have to push yourself out of your comfort zone. This leads to big improvements in your fitness.

2. You’ll Learn More: Are you pushing too big of a gear? Not shifting in the right spots? Every group ride is full of riders who are eager to share what they know. Just try not to take offense, they’re just trying to help.

3. You’ll Feel More Confident: You never know what you’re capable of until you try. Riding with a group will help you quickly master many of the complexities of cycling and be a stronger, more confident rider over all.

4. You’ll Make Friends: Unless you’re that guy (and you don’t want to be that guy) that attacks when someone flats, you’ll probably make some pretty good friends on your group ride.

5. It’s Fun: Sometimes riding can become a chore, especially if you always ride alone. Instead of always doing the same routes and struggling in the same spots, riding with a group can help spice up your riding life and give some variety to your cycling.




Get enough sleep before every ride. It serves as a much needed refreshment to keep you physically and mentally fit. It helps boost your performance and reduce fatigue. The body should recover and feel rejuvenated for which 7 to 8 hours of sleep is a must. Sleep helps muscles relax, it keeps us active and our heart healthy. Not to forget that it's a great stress buster.



Avoid too much of fats. Carbohydrates however, is the easy way out. It breaks easily, providing a constant and fast supply of energy.

Bananas, oatmeal, milk, water, eggs, yogurt and fresh fruit juice are the best form of nutrients one can consume before any kind of exercise.

Remember to eat atleast an hour early so you allow the food to digest and breakdown.

sports drink can also be of great help to get your carbohydrate level back as they are formulated to provide you with electrolytes, water, nutrients  which can be absorbed easily and faster.

Well,if your ride is going to be shorter than two hours, you won't need alot of the nutrients. A banana and a glass of milk should do just fine.



It is important to check your bike before every ride to avoid problems 

or accidents. Not to forget, it makes your ride better if technical/mechanical

 issues are dealt with before hand. Make sure the tyres do not have any 

cuts and the nuts are all tight. Check for tyre pressure and also the brakes 

(in case it needs manipulation). Check your gears, cables and chains 

for problems. A clean and well lubricated bike is  always a joy to start off with.


Things to carry along for a ride-



a universal necessity, it needs to be consumed throughout your ride in the form of H2O and in the form of an electrolyte to restore the depleted energy levels. Carry two bottles of water along.

The intake of water should be higher if you are cycling in hot climate. If you feel bloated or nauseous cut down your fluid and eating intake. Drink before, during and after your ride.
please note that for a one or two hour ride one doesn't need the electrolyte drinks.

Food : 

Carry food that can be eaten conveniently and won't make you feel uneasy. 

Bananas and power bars can be enough to provide you with a continuous supply

 of energy. Try eating something every hour along with lots of water 

to keep your muscles hydrated. You can refill the bottle on your way 

and buy some nutritional food to munch on. In India, sugarcane juice 

is available at most places, with one glass sure to keep you hydrated 

for a couple of hours.




Carry a small hand pump, an extra tube, allen Tool set, a puncture kit and a minimal first aid kit . You can easily put all these things into our GoGreen Saddle bag. These should be enough to last through the ride.