Looking out 4 a sponsor 4 our GoGreen Annual Mega Ride..

About Annual GoGreen Mega Campaign Ride :

Every year October end we celebrate by cycling in huge no’s. 75 GGI’s attended for 1st anniversary, 2nd & 3rd anniversary we had 100+. Now that we have 2000 registered members out which we have estimated 25% participation ie around 500 members riding together.  

Since we were tied up with October hence planned to have our mega campaign rides in this month or latest by next month beginning.

This time for the first time, we wanted to do our ride in South Bangalore as many of our GGI’s are from south & ride on jaynagar cycling lanes hence we choose MES grounds @ Jaynagar 5th Block as our Start and end point.

All the 500 riders will be riding a stretch of 11Km’s with their own bicycles & event T-shirts & event Caps propagating the word of Going Green.  

For the first time GoGreen wanted to check on companies who would like to sponsor the below estimated expenditure . Well the amount given is very less compared to any other events as lot of our members contribution would be their as part of the event for making it an successful event.   

What can a Sponsor expect from this GoGreen event. 

1) On the rear side of The Event T-shirt, Sponsor's Logo along with message can be printed which will be worn by all the participants..

2) Sponsor Logo on the Event Caps. 

3) Banner space will be provided for displaying in the grounds.. 

4) An separate space can be marked out for sponsor where they can display their products. 

5) Where ever its possible, We will endorse Sponsor's logo along with GoGreen logo on the goodies.

6) Sponsor's brochures can be given out to all participants.

7) Will also provide 10 to 15 minutes time slot for briefing the participants on the sponsor product line.    

Estimated expenses & Tentative schedule of the event
Please note : 
1) Event hosting ground cost is not shown as we are trying to get it free from BBMP
2) Event organizer are not associated with this event so as to cut down the expenses to bear minimum.
3) We are open for any suggestions that can help mutually in terms of promoting GoGreen.   

About our Go Green Organization :

www.GoGreenGoCycling.org  is a non profitable organization formed with a concept of “Cycle to work”, encouraged and supported by group of professional from various background so called as GGI (Go Green Initiator) where most of them not only cycle to work place but also initiate other fellow citizens to cycle within city limits & in turn save all kinds of natural resources that are contributing to GLOBAL-WARMING. 

Started on 2nd September 2008 & till date it has2000+ members within B’lore.  We also have our Group base spread across Hyderabad & Secandrabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Chenni. Pune Very soon we will be expanding in other metro cities.

About the Founder

Prabhakar Rao C.M, Aged 41, well known as “GoGreen Rao” across all the cycling Community. Working fulltime as a CIO, with K.Mohan & Co. a leading Garments manufactures & exporter in Bangalore.

 Got inspired after watching a Global- warming documentary movie  “An inconvenient Truth” . There after started to contribute his part time & family time to initiate GoGreen. 

While Cycling alone, soon realized his mission cannot be achieved all alone hence shared his idea & thought process with like minded people and inspired them to use Cycle instead of motor Vehicle.. The GoGreen Group which started with single person now has around 2000 + members in Bangalore alone & growing stronger day by day. Click here 4 more

About GoGreen Campaign Rides. 

on all  Sunday’s, GGI’s organize Go Green Campaign rides. 
Starting up @ 6:30am from South Bangalore (JP Nagar & Jaynagar cr
oss roads/Reliance I store junction) and head towards Cubbon park where other group members from various parts of B’lore do meet and decide the route to take off further. Most of the time the

y end up visiting one of their GGI members Residence/lanes & try to bring out Cycling awareness in that area. Starting for Jan2009 till date, We have organized 192 Campaign rides.  

Our Mission.

To create awareness, educate more and more people about the various benefits associated with cycling and at the same time making people to commute from point A to Point B with zero pollution that means less or almost no release of any carbon foot prints which has been one of the major causes for Global Warming. 

GoGreen for a better tomorrow GoCycling.. 

Last year GoGreen Mega Campaign Ride Snaps